Last-Minute Marketing Ideas For The Holiday Season 

by | Nov 30, 2023

As the holiday frenzy kicks in, it’s crunch time for businesses to light up their marketing strategies. In the whirlwind of seasonal cheer, carving out a unique niche in the market requires savvy last-minute maneuvers. We’ve got your back with some holiday marketing ideas that will dazzle your audience and “sleigh” your competition.

1. Holiday Recipes & Menu Pairings

Best Ways To Share: Social Media, Blogs, Podcasts

Sharing holiday recipes and menu pairings is an opportunity to connect with your audience on a personal level. 

This is an obvious one for restaurants, who can showcase favorite recipes from their menu or create a special holiday menu pairing guide for guests. But this idea isn’t just for businesses selling food. 

If your company specializes in kitchen appliances, you could create a series of posts or videos where your team members showcase their favorite holiday recipes using your appliances. For those in the health and wellness industry, provide a collection of nutritious holiday recipes or meal pairings suitable for specific dietary needs. 

2. Thoughtful Gift Guides

Best Ways To Share: Social Media, Downloadable Resources, Email 

Curate gift guides that cater to different preferences, roles, and budgets. This can include ideas like: 

  • Best gifts for under $25 
  • Gift ideas for your boss or coworkers 
  • 10 Things Every Book Lover Needs 
  • Best Donations For Toy Drives 

The opportunities for gift guides are endless. Just make sure the guide you decide to write is relevant to the product or service you sell and your ideal customer. 

For example, if you’re a boutique selling handmade jewelry, consider creating a ‘Gifts for Her’ guide with touching stories from satisfied customers who gifted these pieces on special occasions. If you sell the latest tech, create a guide for gadget enthusiasts, gamers, or tech-savvy individuals, suggesting the latest gadgets or accessories. 

3. Online Experiences

Best Ways To Share: Social Media, Podcasts, Email

Host online events or classes related to the holidays. For instance, a wellness brand might organize a virtual holiday stress-relief meditation session with a renowned instructor. This aligns with their audience’s interests, promoting relaxation during the busy holiday season while subtly associating the brand with well-being. 

But remember, these activities don’t always have to be directly related to your industry. For example, a brand that sells products for moms on the go could host a crafting event where kids can come with their parents to make gifts for someone in their life such as a teacher or grandparent. A company that targets people in relationships could host a cooking class for couples. 

4. Best Or Worst Gift Contests

Best Ways To Share: Social Media, Website, Email 

Engage your audience by encouraging them to share their best or worst holiday gifts for a chance to win exciting prizes. It’s a playful way to build community and spark conversations.

For example, a clothing company or home goods store could run a social media contest asking customers to post pictures of the most unique items they’ve received as gifts. Or a movie theater could ask people to post about their most memorable movie experience. 

By offering a prize for the most interesting entry, the brand encourages engagement and generates user-generated content that can be turned into a best or worst article or other piece of content later on. 

5. Kid-Friendly Holiday Tips

Best Ways To Share: Social Media, Influencer Partnerships, Website

Keeping young kids entertained during the holidays can take a lot of work. Help relieve the pressure by offering tips and tricks during holiday chaos.

A travel agency, for example, might share tips on entertaining kids during long flights or road trips. They could create a downloadable coloring book featuring popular holiday destinations, keeping kids engaged while subtly promoting their travel services. 

A toy store can offer craft ideas or DIY projects suitable for various age groups during holiday parties, sharing creative ways to use their toys or featuring in-store crafting events. An auto company can share tips to keep kids entertained during holiday road trips while showcasing their family-friendly vehicle features.

6. Year-End Checklists

Best Ways To Share: Infographic, Downloadable Resource, Email

From party planning to managing last-minute tasks, year-end checklists are golden. Provide tips on keeping stress at bay and making the most out of the holiday season.

For instance, a financial consultancy could offer a ‘Year-End Financial Planning Checklist’ as a free download on their website. Another checklist could help with gift tracking with columns for recipients, gift ideas, purchases made, and budget. This establishes the brand as a helpful resource while subtly showcasing its expertise. 

A pet store can offer checklists for keeping pets safe during the holidays and share tips related to their pet-friendly products. Or if targeting families, a comprehensive checklist for packing when traveling with kids.

7. Festive Contests 

Best Ways To Share: Social Media, Landing Pages, Email, Radio 

Contests like “12 Days of Giveaways” series are a fantastic way to spread cheer and boost engagement.

Each day, offer a different product as a prize and engage your audience by encouraging likes, shares, and user-generated content showcasing how they incorporate these products into their holiday routines. 

Another great contest idea is a scavenger hunt, which can be done with any number of businesses. If you are going solo, you can organize a holiday scavenger hunt on social media or your website, with clues leading to special discounts or a free gift. Alternatively, a group of businesses can collaborate to host a holiday-themed scavenger hunt, encouraging participants to check in at different stores for a chance to win a grand prize. 

8. Insightful Articles

Best Ways To Share: Website, Social, Sponsored Articles, Podcast 

Share articles that resonate with the holiday spirit. Think packing tips, gift ideas for travelers, wellness advice, and ensuring a safe home while away. This sort of valuable content keeps your audience coming back for more.

For example, a home security company could create articles on ‘Securing Your Home During Holiday Travel’ that include infographics detailing security measures, video tutorials on installing smart home devices, and downloadable checklists for readers. Or a wellness company could talk about how to avoid burnout during the holidays. 

This not only educates the audience but also positions your brand as a trusted authority in your industry. 

9. Year-End Updates & Future Outlook

Best Ways To Share: Email, Blog, Social Media, Podcast 

Update your audience on company highlights from the year, showcasing achievements and milestones. It’s a moment to share gratitude and build rapport. This may include year-end market updates from a real estate agency, results from a successful charitable campaign related to the holidays, or just a summary of what has been going on at your business in general. 

Alternatively, you can offer a sneak peek into what’s coming in the new year to create anticipation and excitement for what’s next on the horizon for your brand. This may include an upcoming platform change, new fashions, the latest car models, and more. 

Holiday Marketing Ideas

These are just some of the many holiday marketing ideas that you can quickly implement before the year is over. Others can include an online advent calendar offering daily recipes, exclusive discounts on holiday-themed products, a collaborative charity initiative tied into your holiday party such as building bikes or wheelchairs for those in need, holiday-themed quizzes on social media, or limited-edition holiday-themed packaging for your best-selling products. 

Whatever you choose, implementing these ideas in your holiday marketing strategy can elevate your brand’s engagement, foster deeper connections with your audience, and create a memorable and impactful holiday campaign.

So, gear up, get creative, and sleigh this holiday season with an impactful marketing blitz that leaves a lasting impression!

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